Peace of Adventure, an Asheville-based nonprofit, is changing the way communities come together—empowering people of all abilities to live active and healthy lives. Our mission is to open doors for the disability community to recreate; our method is to lean on the passion and experience of volunteers who are eager to serve. Resilience studies show that we are of best service to ourselves when we are of service to others. Therefore, empowering a team of volunteers to serve as adaptive sports instructors, guides and mentors enables Peace of Adventure to promote wellness, foster empathy, and build inclusive communities dedicated to being stronger than the sum of its parts.

Throughout the year, Peace of Adventure offers two styles of programming—day clinics, week-long adventure camps. Whether you are interested in learning a new skill, progressing in your favorite sport, or want to experience a new part of the country entirely, we have an adventure for you!

People with disabilities account for roughly 20% of the entire population—representing the largest minority and the only one that anyone can join at any time. And yet, our world is largely inaccessible. Striving for accessibility is striving to level the playing field, and Peace of Adventure believes in making our wild spaces accessible to anyone. Mother nature does not discriminate and is the great equalizer. We believe that it is through adventure in these wild spaces that we can all find peace. 

In 2018, Peace of Adventure relocated from Colorado to Asheville, North Carolina to pursue the opportunity to build a premier adaptive sports program in the southeast region of the United States. Upon arrival, we learned of Catalyst Sports and the parallel path they are on in various cities in the region. We immediately formed a great partnership to operate in 10 cities and offer nearly 1,500 activities annually. It soon became very obvious that by merging operations, we can become one unified program to scale our adaptive offerings and serve more participants. Moving forward, Peace of Adventure is electing to dissolve under the Catalyst Sports name to better leverage the program recognition they have gained over the years in this region. All of our efforts to build programming in Asheville will stay in Asheville and begin to operate under Catalyst Sports branding. We are thrilled to have developed a key group of local volunteers who all believe in our collective mission and excited to see the Asheville chapter continue to thrive!

Peace of Adventure was founded in the winter of 2014 and began official operations in the summer of 2015. In partnership with organizations across the country, we implemented multi-day adventure trips designed to bring participants with disabilities together with veteran mentors. At the time, veteran empowerment and peer support were emerging initiatives and Peace of Adventure believed the best way to provide adaptive sports was to empower veterans to lead. In 2018, Peace of Adventure relocated to Asheville, North Carolina to bring more mountain-based adaptive sports to the Southeast, and expanded volunteerism to be more inclusive and community-driven. Additionally, we began offering single-day clinics and want to lower the barrier to entry for individuals wanting to learn a new skill.