At the root of Peace of Adventure’s mission is our reliance and dedication to volunteerism. Resilience studies show that we are of best service to ourselves when we are of service to others. Therefore, empowering volunteer force to lead programs enables Peace of Adventure to promote wellness, foster empathy, and build inclusive communities dedicated to being stronger than the sum of its parts. We encourage and accept a wide range of community volunteers eager to serve!  




Peace of Adventure focuses heavily on recruiting veterans as volunteers—leveraging unique experience and leadership while providing renewed purpose. If you are a veteran looking to serve a cause greater than yourself, develop the camaraderie of a squad, and renew your sense of purpose, please visit our Veterans Serve page and learn more about opportunities engage in service.  



Military service does not define a Peace of Adventure volunteer. Peace of Adventure believes in building strong communities through the combined experiences of inclusive recreation. Whether you are an avid adventurer wanting to open doors for the disability community, or an obsessively organized administrative powerhouse, Peace of Adventure is eager to find a place for you! Please let us know how you are willing to help.